Nathan Mc Donald

Ex-Action COACH in Brisbane

"Just wanted to write a testimonial for Coaching Leads. I have used Coaching Leads for a couple of years now and looking at my current client base, I still have 80% of the clients that have been referred on by Nipun and his team. Within the first 5 leads I landed 3 clients and they are still with me to this day". I can highly recommend Nipun and Coaching Leads for any coach. I am glad the coach who refereed me had done so as he was getting the same results in his business".

Leanne Ingham-Shaw

Ex-Action COACH in WA

"Just wanted to drop a line and say thank Cyrus!!, for the professional job you have done in generating my coaching leads. They were received rapidly and regularly from the moment I signed up and paid.The quality was very good with 4 out of 5 leads so far converting! I would not hesitate in recommending you to others".

Mark Carn

Ex - Action COACH in Adelaide

"I have been using Cyrus Group as a marketing company for some four years. They have been able to provide my Business leads on a regular and on need basis. The leads provided have been of good quality within the prospect criteria I have set. I have had a mutually satisfying arrangement which has satisfied my needs. Therefore I can state the Cyrus is a reputable and reliable Business and are great to deal with. I would be happy to provide further information if required".

David Bush

Ex - Action Coach in Perth

"I am a business coach with Action Coach and have used Cyrus Group for approximately 4 years to provide qualified leads for my business. In the past I have done some of my own telemarketing and have also employed and trained a telemarketer.This is a far more cost effective and leveraged way of generating leads while also improving the lead quality. I have found Cyrus easy and fair to deal with and always willing to explore how they can continue to improve their service to me".

Michael Cowley

Blue Water Business Coaching , Ex-Acton COACH

"I have known Nips from last 10 years and have been using his Telemarketing services. He has been successfully providing me with great quality leads. I can say, he is a reliable and easy person to deal with. I am aware of other Action coaches (I-18N) using his professional services".

Aaron Day

Ex – Action COACH in New Castle, NSW

"Coaching Leads has been a very useful part of my marketing strategy over the past few years. They are reliable and have consistently delivered in-line with their specified criteria. I would recommend them as a trustworthy source of lead generation for this style of marketing".

Kurt Hegetschweiler

Builders Coach, NSW, Australia

"I have used Cyrus Marketing for about 3 years now. I have found them to be very cost effective and leveraged form of lead generating services. Nipun is easy person to deal and I have had mutually satisfying business relationship with him".

David Wolridge

Executive Coach, Summit Partners, NSW, Australia

"I have been dealing with Nipun from last one year and ordering five leads a month. I can say that he has been very fair in his dealings and quality of Appointments has been good. In last 12 months, I have signed up 13 clients, almost 20%. I am aware of other Executive coaches using Cyrus's telemarketing service".

Brian Stevenson

Business Advisor, Ikon Business Solutions, NSW, Australia

"I have been using Cyrus for generating appointments for my consulting business. In last four years, I have had a very profitable and satisfying business relationship. My appointments are scheduled in-line with my criteria and time slots. I have referred Nipun to few other consultants".

Brad Oldham

"There are not many companies telemarketing for business coaches. In the past, I have tried in-house telemarketers for my team of coaches. I found them very cost effective for my business. We only focus on coaching and order leads as and when required".

David Atkin

Business coach, Sydney ( Vistus Consulting )

"Coaching Leads is a valued and integral part of my business marketing activity. Initially I was hesitant and was not sure if offshore telemarketing can work for this kind of campaign, I tried and signed up two clients in both lot of leads. I particularly like the way their marketers build rapport with business owners. I am immediately recognized the moment I call them. Thanks for a great job".