Where are you based?

Our call centre is in New Delhi. Our home based appointment setters are based in Sydney, London and Georgia (US).

How soon can I expect the Appointments?

It takes us two days to set up your account. All six appointments will be delivered within10 working days.

How far are these appointments booked, how do you deliver and Who will co-ordiante with me ?

All appointments are booked 7 – 10 days ahead, as per your available time slots. All appointment sheets are e-mailed to you and Nipun Bansal will be your first point of contact.

How do I get started and how do I pay ?

After you fill in the lets start on the website, Nipun bansal will speak with you and set up your account. After we send you invoice, you can transfer via PayPal, Stripe or make International money transfer.

After I get appointment sheets, how do I approach them, what do they know about me, what should I be discussing in the first Introductory meeting? And do these business owners know my monthly charges?

We expect you to send them a introductory e-mail attaching your biography, introductory video and few case studies. We rigorously qualify appointments. All business owners will know your name, background and your minimum monthly charges. In this one hour, Obligation free session. We expect you to give them a taste of coaching session rather making it only a introductory session. We expect you to revolve your discussion around their pain area.

Can you send me voice or video recordings of my appointments? I want hear the conversation between your marketer and prospect before I contact business owners?

Majority of our marketers make video calls on Zoom and Skype to schedule appointments. With permission from business owners, our marketers record the session and we can send it to you. In fact it helps them. They do not have to repeat same things to the coach again.
Also, these recordings give a clear idea of the attitude of a business owner, their seriousness and their main pain areas.

Why do you have a one-time account set up fees?

It takes two working days for us to prepare and create your campaign. We read your websites, marketing material and social media profiles. Depending on your background, area of specialisation and message you want us to communicate, we change our content on marketing campaigns and telemarketing scripts. We charge AUD 300 for the time it takes us to set up your campaign.

What closing percentage can I expect? From Appointments to Sign up?

Conversion depends on too many factors, out of which we control two. We get your appointments booked with serious minded owners who meet the criteria and have funds to invest. All our existing clients get a bare minimum of 20% conversion. Many coaches have signed up four clients from a lot of six appointments.