Company Profile
Cyrus Group
Ever since our inception in 2001 (Sydney), we have maintained our salience in chosen line of marketing businesses. Serving niche markets gives us with honed expertise, increased visibility and has helped us create a brand. (view brochure)
We are a diverse company into Digital, Real estate and Media business. With collective strength of 200 staff, we are based in New Delhi and marketing office in Sydney.
Generates Digital Appointments for business coaches
Formed in Sydney (2001), we started with a call centre generating face–to-face meetings for business coaches. With Covid 19 is changing the methods of communication. We have transformed into a Digital company. Now we schedule Digital meetings. In 2020, our vision is to go global and serve business coaches in 27 English speaking countries around the world. View Brochure Here
Real estate development and Broking Company
Formed in 2012, we started as a real estate marketing company. As a broking company, we have successfully under-written six group housing projects and sold 1200 residential apartments around New Delhi. Projects are:

In 2015, we became Real Estate Developer. Presently working on two projects. Albaria - We are constructing 200 luxury Farm Houses in 72 acres land, Based in Ruderpur, on foot hills of Himalyas, its very close to famous hill station Nainital. View Albariaa's Brochure . Aanandam - Constructing 250 residential apartments in New Delhi. As a real estate developer, we work on unique themes. Theme of Aanandam is water bodies all around. View Aanandam's Brochure

Radio and a youtube channel
Is a CSR initiative cyrus runs a spiritual radio called – Sanatan Radio. The core of the broadcast relies on orienting youth to Spirituality, Yoga, Vegetarianism, Addiction Free world. We broadcast serious programs like Donate organs, adopt a child and save mother Earth. This media house is a platform for international community to strongly raise their voice on – Radical Islam, Nuclear Innovations, Global warming and now this Chineese virus. View Brochure Here
Cyrus Club 69
A luxurious Retirement Resort in the Philippines. This resort is sea facing and perfect destination for retiring people in European Union and Australia to retire gracefully.