Business Coach

After Covid 19 lockdown restrictions are lifted, most challenging thing for business owners is to keep their financial wheel turning.
They are re-looking at how they manage and operate their business.

We speak with thousands of business owners every day. With lockdowns cash flow has dried out and there is a fear of global recession.SMB owners are unable to cope up with this new threat.

The majority of business owners are not qualified to run a business and this uncertain environment has made them serious.

The majority of them really don't know where to go from here. These owners need business coaches to help them restructure their businesses.

While majority of businesses are adversely hit, Cleaning contractors are thriving.

Now almost all cleaning businesses have started offering deep cleaning disinfecting services.

Their sales had doubled during lockdown and are expected to triple. They have increased their prices and are hiring free-lance cleaners to cope up with demand. They need advisors to help them manage growth.

Few who are not adversely hit, want to prepare their business for future. With Covid 19 methods of sales have changed to digital.
They want to discuss, how they can find a new market via Google, SEO and Social Media".

The other sector which is preparing to boom is big Indian Manufacturers. With this Chinese virus, almost all companies are leaving China and India is the only alternative left.

Big Indian manufacturers are preparing their businesses for exports. Corona virus has given them an opportunity to replace Chineese products around the world". They want to explore – 'how they can export'.

In this global crisis, business coaches have a role to play. This is the time to give back to business community. Advisors can help owners to steer their way through this pandemic. They can inspire them to stay positive and this Corona shall also pass.

If you can help them steer their way, we can put you in front of Right owners who need help.