We generate leads for Business Coaches

One of the most challenging areas in business coaching is generating qualified diagnostics and finding potential clients for your specialized coaching services. Lack of telemarketing companies operating on 100% COMMISSION BASIS, compel coaches to buy expensive mailing lists yielding small return. The other option left is going to network meetings consuming valuable time with uncertain gain. We know COLD CALLING is the most powerful tool in generating qualified leads but least favorable because it is demoralizing, requires persistency and a special telephone skill.

At Cyrus, our telemarketers are specifically trained to generate qualified appointments for business coaches/consultants/advisors and WE TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR LEADS WE GENERATE. We are your in-house telemarketing team and make sure one message is communicated to your prospective client(s). Our telemarketers identify themselves as working for you. With a team of 130 trained telemarketers and infrastructure built to match international standards; we work on 100% commission basis model (not hourly rates).

Having been coached for more than 3 years ourselves, we know how leverage works. We customize our scripts, Test & Measure and continuously refine our sales systems in line with your business coaching program. If you are looking for rigorously qualified leads to expand your coaching business, you have come to the right place.

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